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When a tooth cannot be restored and has to be removed, there are several options for its replacement.

The usual options available are a removable denture, a bridge (which is fixed to the teeth next to the gap created by the removal of the tooth) or with a dental implant. All of the dentists at 53 can guide you on the best treatment option for you in relation to stability, longevity and aesthetic result.

Dental implants are extremely successful and the closest option to a natural tooth. The titanium implants are placed in the jawbone which heals and integrates the titanium implant into the bone.
Once integrated, the implant can be restored with a crown.

Mr Patrick Coffey is our in-house implant surgeon with over 10 years experience of placing implants.Patrick has furthered his implant knowledge and surgical skills by completing the diploma in Surgical Implantology from the Eastman Dental Institute. He has experience of many implant systems but will be using the high calibre Biomet 3i system at 53 Wimpole Street. Patrick will be happy to consult with you to assess and guide you on your suitability for implant treatment so if you already have missing teeth or know that a tooth cannot be saved then please contact us to arrange a consultation with Patrick.

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