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Orthodontic therapy (braces) used in isolation or in conjunction with some restorative dentistry can produce the optimal aesthetic results.

Correction of crowded teeth or spaced teeth by braces fixed on the outside or inside of the teeth or by removable braces can eliminate crowding and produce a beautiful smile.

Our in-house Orthodontist, Lida Arjomand will be delighted to consult and advise you on your treatment options. Lida can offer you a comprehensive range of orthodontic therapy including classic labial braces with clear brackets, lingual braces bonded on the inside of the teeth and the Invisalign clear aligner systems.

The provision of orthodontic for children has been commonplace for many years but adults can be treated successfully too. So, if you are concerned with the appearance or position of your teeth or the development of your child’s dentition then please contact us to arrange a consulation appointment with Lida.

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